How To Create A Thriving Business By Turning Your Passions & Hobbies Into Long Lasting Income Stream Opportunities...
Wake up every day excited to change the world and build your vision
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A Step By Step Walk Through On Building Your Brand & Creating A Lucrative Business Based On Your Passions & Hobbies...
In this program, I'll take you by the hand and show you how to create a thriving business.  You'll get an over the shoulder look as I follow my own advice and build multiple income streams based around my own hobbies and personal interests.  

The formula used is easily repeatable and something I know you can have success with.  My motto for building a strong brand is...
We will always keep this philosophy at heart while utilizing the tools and platforms available to us now.  In this 30 day workshop program, you'll be given step by step direction to help explain what needs to be done and extensive training to show you how things need to be done to build your own brand and lucrative business.

Here is what we'll be covering in this program...

Day 1 - Mapping Out Your Business Plan
Day 2 - Your Daily Must Dos
Day 3 - How You'll Make Money (NOW)
Day 4 - The Content Plan
Day 5 - YouTube
Day 6 - Facebook
Day 7 - Instagram
Day 8 - Twitter
Day 9 - More Social Media Platforms
Day 10 - Your Website
Day 11 - Email Newsletters
Day 12 - Content Broadcast Plan
Day 13 - Video Creation/Editing
Day 14 - Social Media Content
Day 15 - Email Lead Gen Funnels
Day 16 - Tracking/Analytics
Day 17 - FB/IG Advertising
Day 18 - Social Media Consistencies
Day 19 - SEO Strategy
Day 20 - Google Adwords
Day 21 - Influencers
Day 22 - Joint Ventures
Day 23 - Digital Products
Day 24 - Data Analysis & Optimization
Day 25 - Budgeting & Forecasting
Day 26 - E-Commerce
Day 27 - Systemizing Your Process
Day 28 - Finding Your Assistant
Day 29 - Improving Quality
Day 30 - Where To Go From Here

By the end of this program, your brand will be going strong and your community will be on it's way up.  You'll see each step of the process done in front of your eyes and fully understand how it plays into the long term plan.  

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